***American Voice Reseller***

(All Country Support Platinum Dialer and Op.Code: 96455).

 For Better Voice Quality All net

Mobile Dialer Link And Op. code: 96455

Mtel Mobile Dialer Link and Op.Code:222355

Etisalat :

For Samsung and all android Phone 

For samsung and all android phone special:Dubai Xpress

Operator Code:222355 


For smsung go to play store :american voice and mtel dialer

For Windows Phone and iPhone : mtel dialer

American voice Pc2Phone For KSA , Qatar

Oman Pc2phone :  op.code:222355



Desh Dialer And Oman Xpress Reseller

                (All Country Support Platinum Dialer and Op.Code: 72660).

Desh Dialer

Update version for better voice quality :   (All network)
Mobile Dialer Link:Operator Code=72660
For android phone:(Samsung ,Lg.HTC)
For Android Phone Mobile Dialer.
Go to Play Store :: ItelMobile Diale , Desh Dialer

Oman Xpress: OMAN,UAE,KSA
For Nowirase Network:

UAE Etisalat  Good Quality

For all network:


Gplex dialer Brand Pin=7080 UAE and all other country Only for Oman
gPlex Dialer Download Link for Android Mobile :
Speako And Zemplus link:OperatorCode=57095  (UAE , Oman, Ksa)
http://mobilesport.info/sp  (Android mobile )
http://mobielsport.info/d  (Nokia Mobile)
Pc2Phone Link: